Sustainability Pledge
Here at gowithYamo, we’re not just committed to making art more accessible; we strive to promote methods of making the art world more sustainable, as well as showcasing ecologically-minded artists, galleries, and conversations on our blog. Since a large amount of pollution generated by the art world stems from travel and transport to galleries, our art trails encourage more environmentally-friendly methods of travel such as walking, cycling and taking public transport to view art. With our app informing users about nearby exhibitions based on their location, we also encourage our user base to investigate art and galleries local to them to reduce harmful emissions caused by travelling. 
As individuals within the office, we responsibly use reusable and recyclable equipment, as well as committing to sustainable development goals to further facilitate conversations around sustainability with galleries, artists, and our followers. These goals include the shift to leaflets and promotional materials printed on recycled paper, as well as ensuring that prints purchased in our in-app store are similarly printed on recycled or FSC certified materials. With the themes and topics discussed in our blog posts, we also aim to inspire our readers to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle through the power and themes of art.