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Coningsby Gallery
Private View: 25th May 6:30 - 9:30pm
Dates: 25th - 29th May
Curated by Nathalie Brough & Lewis Swan

gowithYamo Presents: Kay Gasei’s Black Box Series is the latest exhibition organised by gowithYamo in partnership with artist Kay Gasei, showing at London's Coningsby Gallery from 25th-29th May. 

London art exhibitions 2023

Kay Gasei is a London-raised artist who explores themes of world mythologies, histories of people and cultures, psychoanalysis, social politics, the timelessness of cultural capital and philosophy. The artist’s eclectic style utilises a montage of drawn and painted details, characters and spaces to create a narrative whilst keeping an air of ambiguity.

The works featured are the musings of the black box that is Kay Gasei’s mind. gowithYamo Presents: Kay Gasei’s Black Box Series has granted the artist, who is constantly scribbling and doodling ideas, with the space and a chance to showcase the concept of a thought process over what is typically considered a ‘finished’ piece. Details are taken from Kay Gasei’s sketchbook pages and organic doodles added in situ to further express the spontaneity of the thought process, and the exhibition offers a unique insight into artistic process and development.

The exhibition will centre around 7 large canvases from Kay Gasei’s Black Box series, with 50 sketches displayed alongside to illustrate the artist’s creative process. All canvases and sketches will be on sale, and 10 ‘prototype’ drawings will be available via The Auction Collective, with bidding starting at £50 and 15% of the proceeds going to the charity Patients for Affordable Drugs.
About Patients for Affordable Drugs

15% of the proceeds of auctioned pieces go to
Patients for Affordable Drugs, a U.S. based non-profit organisation focused on achieving policy changes to lower the price of prescription drugs. 

About gowithYamo

The art platform gowithYamo was founded with a desire to make art more accessible, and is dedicated to spotlighting the most exciting artists working today. Every art-lover’s journey may be different, but by bringing together a community, gowithYamo lets you find more of the art you love, while helping you discover new artists to match your personal tastes. With a particular focus on ecological practices, gowithYamo seeks to pave the way for a more sustainable, equitable art world.

The Auction Collective

The Auction Collective is an auction services platform that helps people and organisations run competitive auctions. The platform was founded in 2017 by former Christie's auctioneer Tom Best (read
the full story) and provides clients with bespoke support services depending on their needs. Support ranges from providing auctioneers and auction expertise to managing the entire auction process.
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